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Alaina Smith

I have grown up wanting to go fast!
My dad grew up racing motocross and drag racing motorcycles.  My mom and dad bought me my first motorcycle when I was three years old. I started out with training wheels and three weeks later my dad took the training wheels off and away I went! I rode at different tracks until I was thirteen.

My dad had always taken me to the races! All kind of racing! Anything with a motor and they raced it, we went!!  I knew that someday I would be racing!

I started asking my dad if I could race stock cars at the dirt track when I was thirteen. He would tell me "Alaina the cars are going a lot faster than it looks". I kept asking and one night while going to the dirt track races my dad told me to get my helmet. I asked why. He said, "I am going to have someone give you a ride in one of the cars tonight at the track".

His thoughts behind this was if I got to ride in one of the race cars I would see how fast they are and I would stop asking to race.

Well we pulled up to the track and went into the pit area, where I met Billy. He would be the driver that would be giving me my first ride in his race car. Billy had a black car with purple wheels and the #84 on it. I loved it!  I just happen to be wearing purple shoes and purple shirt!! My favorite color! We hit it off right away. Billy told me that after the races he would take me out for a few hot laps. I was so excited!

So we went up to the stands and watched the races. When the race was over we headed down to the pits so I could take my ride. I was very nervous and a little scared. We met back at Billys car and he asked "Alaina you ready?" I said yep! Billy helped me get buckeled in the car. He told me thumbs up to go faster and thumbs down to go slower. Then we headed for the track. Billy started off slow and then started picking up speed going faster and faster with each lap! I had forgot all about the thumb thing!! But I was loving it! I knew then this was it! I wanted a car!!! We pulled back into the pits and we got out of the car. WOW!! That was GREAT!! Billy talked to me about the racing and the fun he had. Billy is a great guy and a great driver.
So we headed home. On the drive home I told my dad I have to do this! He said "Well I guess sending you out for a few hot laps back fired on me!" I guess it was the way I looked at dad with my big brown eyes, he must have felt it too...I was just meant to drive! Because he said, "If you want to try, we will get you a car and you can give it a shot" I was so excited!

My dad started looking for a car. He found one that had been raced at the asphalt track and took a picture of it and asked me do you like this one? It was white and full of rust and looked like it had been sitting outside forever. It looked very sad all beat up sitting on flat tires, but I knew that was the one! My dad said that he was going to keep looking because that car was going to need a lot of work. He found several other cars but I kept telling him I wanted the white one.

Then one night my dad pulled up at the house with a trailer and opened the door and there it was! My sad beat up white car! I loved it!! We started working on it on the weekends getting it ready for my first race.

Then we got some sad news that Billy had some medical issues and was not going to be able to race the upcoming seasons. I was sad to hear this... After all, Billy was the one that gave me my first ride in a race car and my first real taste of racing. I told my dad, I wanted to paint my car like Billys and have the #84 to show my support for Billy... That is what we did. The car came out great!

Race day came very quick. We loaded up the car in the trailer and headed to the track. We pulled into the pits and now I was scared!!! After all I was a 14 year old girl and the youngest one racing... We unloaded the car and my mom and dad asked "are you sure you want to do this?" Heck yeah! I could tell that they were thinking what in the world have we done, but I knew it would be ok. My first night went ok... I guess... I was put into the wall and broke an axel!! Yes, it scared me!! My mom was upset and my dad was freaking out! I thought that was the end of my racing career. We loaded up and took my broken car back home. My mom and dad had a long conversation behind closed doors... It was decided!! I could try it again... We worked on the car the following week and was ready for the next race.

I went out there and ran my race and I was so hooked!!. The best thing was... I finished!! I knew I could do this. Every race, I kept getting better and faster....

When the race season was over...  The best thing is... I took 4th place in the points out of 55 drivers and was awarded 2012 Pure Stock "Rookie of the year"!! I couldn't believe it!!   

We met a lot of Great people at the track and I couldn't have done this without their help, support and advice.

 Thank you!!!

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Owen "South Texas Speedway" Corpus Christi Texas, For a great place to race!!
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