Alaina " D " Racing

Race Results

3-30-2013         Finish 17th       Running 3rd lapped car spun took me out
4-6-2013           Finish 15th       Running 4th wreck with lapped car
4-27-2013         Finish 2nd        Great Night!!
5-4-2013           Finish 2nd        Great night car ran great!!!
5-26-2013         Finish 7th         Was a hard night of racing!!!
6-15-2013         Finish 1st         ***WIN*** WIN*** WIN*** The best feeling!!!
6-29-2013         Finish 5th         Good night. Lots of good racing
7-13-2013         Finish 3rd         Great night I'll take it!!!
7-27-2013         Finish 13th        Running 4th passing got flat tire
8-3-2013           Finish 2nd        Super night!! was a hard race 
8-17-2013         Finish 8th         Started in 23rd place was a crazy night
8-31-2013         Finish 6th         Lots of cars 30 plus
9-1-2013           Finish 2nd        Great night!! Lots of fast cars!!
10-12-2013       Finish 3rd        Great night last night of points.

Finished 3rd in points out of 55 drivers for 2013.

South Texas Shootout 2013
12-13-2013       Finish 3rd  Heat
12-13-2013       Finish 9th  Qualifier
12-14-2013       Finish 1st  Heat
12-14-2013       Finish 5th  Shootout

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